Environmental Management Parc Taulí


Environmental Management Parc Taulí

Environmental policy

The Consortium Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí de Sabadell has the mission of responding to the reference population with quality, resolute, comprehensive health and social care, promoting equity and satisfaction in a framework of sustainability.

For this reason, and being consistent with the values ​​of the organization relating to the commitment to people and the environment, the management of Parc Taulí has ​​decided to implement an Environmental Management System (SGAm) based on standard models ISO 14001: 2004 and Regulation of the European Union 1221/2009 (EMAS III) covering the activities and the services developed in the centers and / or buildings that conform it.

Therefore, the basic directives of the Environmental Management System of the Parc Taulí are specified in:

  • Establish and keep up to date an environmental management system, setting annual environmental goals and targets and developing appropriate programs to achieve them.
  • Comply with current environmental legislation as well as with other commitments voluntarily signed by the CSPT Management.
  • Develop and implement work procedures to prevent, reduce and eliminate, as far as possible, the environmental impact arising from the activities of the CSPT with the aim of continuous improvement.
  • Make responsible use of natural resources as well as any material used.
  • Work for the minimization of the generation of waste while promoting, when this minimization is not possible, the recycling or reuse of the same.
  • To train and sensitize the entire human team of the organization by making them participants in our environmental policy, so that they carry out their tasks with the utmost respect for the environment. Inform and involve users in our environmental policy so that they make responsible use of the services.
  • Disseminate environmental policy to suppliers and contractors in order to involve them, as far as possible, in the environmental management of the organization.


Annual report


Environmental and Sanitary Waste Commission

Francesc Luque López
Directorate of Economy and Services

Montserrat Armenteros Luque
Superior technique. Communication and Multimedia.

Susana Camps Carmona

Infectious Control Nurse

Peter Escuder Torres

Support Manager. Digital Organization.

Begoña Macarrón Gómez
Superior technique. Occupational Risk Prevention.

Pere Marsillach Simil
Average technician. Maintenance and Projects.

Pilar Medel Zamora
Equality and Technical Coordination Agent Human Resources

Gabriel Ochoa Gimeno
Head of Environment

Jonathan Ortiz Tirado

Head of Infrastructure

Sandra Lopez Santos
Representative of the Company Committee

Pilar Tomás Same

Supply Coordination

Light Vega Diaz

Head of Cleaning and Rober