Mission, vision and values

The mission (What shall we do?)

Respond to the reference population with health and social care, quality, decisive, comprehensive and that promotes equity and satisfaction in a framework of sustainability, integrating teaching, research and innovation.

The vision (What do we want to be?)

To be an entity of excellence, leader, recognized by society and its professionals, for its care, organizational, teaching and research model and that responds to its social commitments.

Values ​​(What do we believe in?)

• People-centered care: The needs of the people we serve are what really matter to us.

• Commitment to society and its diversity: the well-being of all the people who make up the society in which we live is our goal.

• Teamwork: we produce synergies between the different areas and areas of knowledge.

• Innovation: We have the ability to think and do different things to improve.

• Efficiency: we get the best results with the resources we have.

• Quality: we always try to improve to get an excellent result.