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Hospitalization at home

Image of the cover of the blog Hospitalization at the Parc Taulí

The hospital at home


Link to the mind-u blog, mental health prevention in young people

Mental health prevention in young people


Link to the blog Neonatalmen-t Parc Taulí

The Taulí Neonates blog

Parc Taulí Neuroscience - UAB

Link to the blog Parc Taulí Neurosciences

Responsible translational research and excellence in neuroscience

Parc Taulí Healthy

Link to the blog Parc Taulí Saludable

We take care of our patients,
of our professionals and of our community

Dashboard + D + I

Link to the Taulí + D + I blog

Research and innovation at the service of society



Link to the Taulinoplasty blog

Blog about the new surgical technique to correct the Pectus Excavatum

Social Networks


@parctauli: Parc Taulí University Hospital

@controlinfeccioparctauli: Parc Taulí Infection Control

@mindutauli: Mind-u Taulí. Prevention of Mental Health in Young People.

@onadapetitssomriures: A Wave of Little Smiles

@Simulaciotauli: Parc Taulí Simulation


@parctauli: Parc Taulí University Hospital

@TauliSurgery: General Surgery Service

@TauliCIRPED: Pediatric Surgery Service

@TauliColoprocto: Coloproctology unit

@cotauli: Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology Service

@RecordGetauli: Cancer Screening Program

@FarmaciaTauli: Pharmacy Service

@formaciotauli: Formation

@GRItauli: Nurse Research Group

@Simulaciotauli: Simulation 


@parctauli: Parc Taulí University Hospital

@onadapetitssomriures: A Wave of Little Smiles

@mindutauli: Mind-u


@parctauli: Parc Taulí University Hospital

@ 3dlabpt: 3D Surgical Planning Lab - Parc Taulí University Hospital

UAF YouTube

@ tabli2010: Parc Taulí University Hospital