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Evaluation and transfer



Intellectual Property

Training - Courses and conferences

Participation and recognition

In 2009, 394 ideas and inventions (results) were received for valorisation from different areas and centers of the CSUPT and aimed at different markets, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics, medical devices, information technologies and services.

Areas of application have been: dependency and old age, care for women and children (pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, early childhood, second childhood and adolescence), digestive surgery, pediatric allergology, education tools and management tools, among others.

4 projects are in the transfer phase.

Patents applied for 20

Intellectual Property Registers 5

Know-How (deposit before a notary) 2 Registration of trademarks 14

Cumulated data for 12/2009

Training actions 6 Information actions 3 Attendees 246 Hours spent 45

The Fundació Parc Taulí, through the UVIPT, has been registered and recognized as an OTRI (Research Results Transfer Offices) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Within the objectives of the UVIPT is the promotion and encouragement of innovation, for this reason also participates and leads different initiatives:

> Hospital Innovation Network / Hospital Union in Innovation: set up and led by the Fundació Parc Taulí and the Parc de Salut Foundation.

> Network members of Clinical, Hospital and Biosanitary Research Management Entities (REGIC), Association of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals (ASTP) and Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM). > We support different initiatives of innovation clusters such as: health and food cluster of the Ripoll basin (Innovation Plan in the Ripoll Basin) and the vision cluster (of the Computer Vision Center of the Parc de Ripoll UAB Research). > I Healthcare Barcelona'09 Investment Forum.

Honorable Mention, 5th initiative BMW Award for Innovation

The Parc Taulí Health and University Corporation received the honorable mention, 5ª initiative BMW Award for Innovation, in recognition of its contribution to the promotion of the values ​​of innovation. The purpose of this award is to recognize, on an annual basis, individuals, companies or institutions that have stood out for embodying the value of innovation in their professional activities.


Collaboration with companies

The CSUPT has the collaboration of different companies in the medical device industry, research centers, technology centers and national and international universities.

Patents applied for 49%

Trademark registration 34%

Intellectual Property Records 12%

Know-How (deposit before a notary) 5%

Page 10 - MEM2009

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