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It is a source of satisfaction to present the Scientific Report of the Corporació Sanitària i Universitària Parc Taulí (CSUPT) for 2009. The activities included are the result of the efforts of many professionals who have carried out research work. of innovation and teaching tasks, within the framework of our institution and with the full support of its governing bodies.

The biomedical research that has been carried out is mainly clinical, but with a significant increase in translational research. During 2009, a good level of research was consolidated, along with a trend of increasing the visibility of the contributions of our professionals to the scientific community in the last 5 years.

The creation of the Valorisation and Innovation Unit in 2006, and its consolidation in 2008, have been key to the significant increase in activities related to technological innovation projects applied to health, aimed at technology transfer; an area that in the current crisis situation is unanimously considered as an opportunity of the utmost importance to enhance our knowledge and for the future of our society.

On the other hand, in the area of ​​teaching, we must highlight the training activities of specialist doctors, nursing, pre- and postgraduate teaching activities, training of technicians, creativity and search for innovative ideas. In the degree teaching of Medicine at the UAB, in 2009 we received the second group of 3rd year students and we started the 4th year.

Finally, I would like to convey to all the professionals who have participated in these tasks my most sincere congratulations for the work they have done and continue to do, and express my gratitude for their contribution in making our main task better: to take care of the health of our users. We want citizens to know that, beyond that, we always keep researching and innovating to make it better.

Dr. Luis Blanch

Director of Research and Innovation


Fundació Parc Taulí University Institute (UAB)


Parc Taulí Health and University Corporation

Valorisation and Innovation Unit

Teaching Office

Research Office



Research and Innovation Directorate

Campus of International Excellence


Page 2 - MEM2009

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