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Once again, I am pleased to present the Scientific Report of the Parc Taulí Health Corporation (CSPT). The sum of the enthusiasm and effort of many professionals, together with the committed support of their governing bodies, have made 2010 the most prolific in terms of scientific production, highlighting the 199 published articles and the 805 impact factor points.

The implementation of the Scientific-Technical Unit has been an added value for biomedical research at the Institution, as it has meant that researchers have access to advanced technologies similar to other prestigious scientific centers. Another good news for the research is the adhesion of the Fundació Parc Taulí to the ITEMAS Network (Network of Innovation in Medical and Sanitary Technologies) promoted by the Carlos III Health Institute. The Foundation is now one of the fourteen nodes that make up this state network, which is committed to innovation in health technology as a fundamental tool for the sustainability of the National Health System, promoting the development of innovative culture and the integration of the scientific system. industry in the field of medical technology.

In the area of ​​teaching, numerous training activities have been carried out for specialist doctors, nursing, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching activities, training of technicians and the promotion of a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Highlight the considerable increase in internships and that our Teaching Unit has received the 1st promotion of the 5th year of Medicine at the UAB. .

As always, I would like to convey to all the professionals who have participated in these and other tasks my most sincere congratulations for the work done. I would like to express to each of you my most sincere gratitude for your contribution to the goal of all our activity: the improvement of the health of our fellow citizens.

Dr. Luis Blanch

Director of Research and Innovation

Fundació Parc Taulí University Institute (UAB)


Parc Taulí Health Corporation



Research and Innovation Directorate

Campus of International Excellence



Page 2 - MEM2010

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