The Technical Office of Cancer Screening (OTC) of Parc Taulí, formed by a team of professionals from different disciplines, is the structure in charge of coordinating different prevention, teaching and research activities in relation to chronic diseases such as cancer. Specifically, it coordinates two population programs: the Breast cancer early detection program, aimed at women in the municipalities of the reference area of ​​Parc Taulí, and the Program for early detection of colon and rectal cancer, aimed at citizens of the entire Vallès Occidental region.

On the other hand, the OTC also participates in actions to improve clinical practice in Parc Taulí: it chairs the Institutional Committee for the Improvement of Clinical Practice, is part of the Quality Committee (Professional Council) and the culture of evaluation is promoted.

OTC professionals lead and collaborate in multicenter research projects on breast cancer, or colon and rectal cancer, and also on other chronic health problems, which has allowed the Technical Office to be part of of the Thematic Network for Research in Chronic Diseases REDISSEC (2012-present), to be recognized by the Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) in 2018 - in the research group on Chronicity and Public Health-CRiSP - and receive the Olga Torres Foundation Outreach Award (FOT) in colorectal cancer.

Our thanks to the organizations and citizens who collaborate in our activities.

Coordinator of the Technical Office of Cancer Screening

Marisa Baré Mañas, Coordinator of the Technical Cancer Screening Office

Marisa Baré Mañas

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