Functions of the OTC with respect to population programs:

Management of the screening process (invitations, results ...)

  • Elaboration of the schedule and coordination of the logistical deployment of the Program.
  • Programming and management of agendas.
  • Invitation of the eligible population by post.
  • Distribution and collection of fecal occult blood detection (SOF) kits, in coordination with the CSPT purchasing service, pharmacy offices and pharmaceutical distributors.
  • Monitoring the deployment of the Program throughout the reference area, collecting incidents and resolving them.
  • Communication of the results to the participants in the Program, either by post or by telephone (depending on the results of the screening test).
  • Telephone assistance to all participants and all professionals involved in the Program in their territorial area, in order to resolve any doubts that may arise in relation to its development, encourage participation, optimize its effectiveness and minimize potential side effects. .
  • Identification of post-invitation exclusions, either by direct communication from those affected or in a coordinated manner with primary care teams and pharmacy offices.


  • Training of community pharmacists and screening consultation nurses.
  • Pre-degree training at the Faculty of Medicine.

Database management

  • Identification of the target population.
  • Selection of the eligible population, through purification of the target population with the help of centralized or departmental records.
  • Data quality control and support for improvements to data management software.

Evaluation and audits

  • Evaluation of the results of the Program.
  • Evaluation of screening units.
  • Monitoring of indicators through periodic audits.

Communication and representation

  • Communication of the indicators and results of the Program to all the responsible institutions (Catalan Cancer Screening Office, CatSalut) and those involved (hospitals and basic health areas of the territory, and the College of Pharmacists of Barcelona), as well as to the public Generally.
  • Design and maintenance of the Program website (in conjunction with the CCC).
  • Representation of the Program before the administration, network of territorial offices of the early cancer detection program in Catalonia, health councils, etc.
  • Dissemination activities in the media, town halls, primary care.