Association of ex-facultatives of the Parc Taulí 'Pere Samuntada'

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The Exfacultative Association of Parc Taulí 'Pere Samuntada' is a non-profit association formed by retired doctors, created in 2016 with the following objectives:

  • Promote the continuity of the relationship as well as the voluntary and altruistic collaboration of its associates, which allows maintaining and, if possible, increasing the prestige of Parc Taulí as a reference public hospital.
  • Take advantage of the clinical, teaching, research and administrative medical management experience of those partners that the administration bodies of the Parc Taulí consider appropriate.
  • Collaborate with the Parc Taulí Hospital, with the Official College of Doctors of Barcelona and other health organizations in the accreditation and assistance of its associates.
  • Maintain ties of friendship and collaboration between all associates.

Among the activities that take place there are talks on medical and other topics, cultural outings, sports activities, lunches, ...

The Association is available to anyone who wants to contact them.

Taulí of Directors

Joseph Simó and God - Honorary President
Antoni Malet and Lledó - Executive Chairman

  • Albert Marín Pérez - Vice President
  • Antònia Bassols Farrés - Secretary
  • Gabriel Marqués i Villacampa - Deputy Secretary
  • Pere Obiols and Arderius - Treasurer

Do you want to be a part of it?

If you want to join the Association, download and fill in the registration form, and send it to the e-mail address This e-mail address is being protected from robots spam.Necessites Javascript enabled to view it.