Good health practices are grouped into different axes:

  • Hypopressive exercises
  • Nordic walking
  • Healthy eating
  • Emotional and social well-being
  • Prevention of risk factors
  • Park Taulí without smoke

Physical activity

Hypopressive exercises


Nordic walking - Parc Taulí

In February 2017, the “Health on the Move” program began in Parc Taulí, conceived by the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service, which consists of the introduction to Nordic walking as a regular physical exercise for those users, professionals and the community in general that can benefit from the practice of a physical activity on a regular basis. Currently, the activity is carried out with patients with fibromyalgia, Parkinson's and upper extremity lymphedema, and with professionals with and without pathology of the musculoskeletal system.

Nordic walking is a physical activity that consists of walking in a harmonious and balanced way with specially designed canes, with a specific technique in which 90% of body muscles participate. It is considered a new concept of healthy movement that must be accompanied by a learning technique.

Applied to the field of health, Nordic walking is healthy, safe and easily incorporated into daily life. The health benefits are achieved with regular practice:

  • Improves coordination, balance and muscular endurance.
  • Decreases impact on joints towards normal gait.
  • It provides more benefits than walking and is especially recommended for people with chronic heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, chronic pain and impaired mood.

Many studies show that exercise is a very useful tool to prevent health problems or improve the evolution of some diseases. Parc Taulí, as a health-promoting hospital, adheres to the initiative of the Department of Health for the promotion, leadership and implementation of health among the population and health workers.

Emotional and social well-being

Conference "Healthy Work Strategies for Nurses". June 13, 2018, Taulí Auditorium.

Training organized by the Association of Nursing Professionals (API) of the Taulí and accredited by the Institutional Teaching Committee.

The Conference focused on giving the 159 registered nurses strategies and knowledge to face the professional day to day in Nursing services in a healthier way. Mrs. Marta Sierra and Mrs. Montse García made different group dynamics to reflect on the emotional part and the stress that interfere with the care of the people cared for and their families, the choice to generate toxic attitudes in the work environment and the possibility of changing them. for more positive and harmonious positions.

Image of one of the workshops of the Day

The reinforcement of the aspects of the professional life proposed a new reconnection with the vocation, the essence of the own self and the choice of the infirmary like profession. In this way, it became possible to share the values ​​at stake to assess the career path and whether or not he has been happy at work. Equally, there was an awareness of the effect that the choice of one's own thoughts and mood has on the workplace. Another workshop made it possible to reflect on how positive moods are generated through smile, humor and active listening as the most efficient solutions to help create better work environments. This workshop also addressed the aspects in which the environment can generate in the professional a decrease in self-esteem and the ability to manage their emotions in stressful situations, recognizing as a maximum problem the negative effect of the people with toxic or “vampire” attitudes. In the same way, small exercises were proposed, such as express coaching, bodybuilding, relaxation, ... to enhance the choice of positive thoughts (attitude of Mary Poppins) and protect against the insane factors of the environment. 

The conclusion of the Conference proposed that "Let's walk together to go further."

We care for women who care

The Healthy Taulí Park will be present next February 28 at the IV Mediterranean Health Promotion Symposium. Challenges for a sustainable, equitable and well-being society; with oral communication.

We are people who take care of ourselves to take care of people.

Caballero F, Castilla A, Gómez O, Peña P, Serrano R, Navarro G.

Work load, motherhood and aging affect the lumbar region and the pelvic floor. The prevention of lumbar disorders has a positive influence on postural hygiene. We incorporate the practice of hypopressive abdominal gymnastics to prevent and improve the affects of the rachis and the pelvic floor.

A hypopressive abdominal gymnastics workshop was held for female workers with a 30-minute session, and practical sessions accompanied by audiovisual material and a video.

The workers are an instrument for promoting health in the population. Caring for the health of workers improves the health of patients. We care for women who care.