About us

Members of the Parc Taulí Saludable working group:

Gemma Navarro Rubio - Coordinator of the Healthy Parc Taulí

  • Anna Augé Ruiz - Quality Nurse
  • Esther Bonet López - Head of Development and Professional Skills
  • Fernanda Caballero Gómez - Director of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service
  • Miquel Cirera Perich - Management of the Sabadell 4B Primary Care team (CAP Can Rull)
  • Vacant - Sabadell City Council
  • Xavier Lechuga Pérez - Head of Welfare, organizational culture and performance
  • Francesc Luque López - Director of Economy and Services
  • Pilar Peña García - Head of the Occupational Risk Prevention Service (Occupational Health)
  • Inmaculada Pons Viñas - Member of the Company Committee and delegate of Occupational Risk Prevention
  • Aleix Riu Grané - Head of Communication and Multimedia
  • Eva Sánchez Pérez - Head Nurse of Primary Care CAP Can Rull
  • Míriam Pérez Serrano - Psychologist