Internal regulations

Parc Taulí has ​​an action protocol to follow in the event of detecting a user or professional in breach of Law 42/2010, which establishes a total ban on smoking in health centers:


If a user is detected smoking, they will be informed of the obligation to put out the cigarette, if it is inside the building, or to leave the premises, if it is outside the buildings.

If the user does not want to collaborate, they must inform Security (extension 3000). The Security Staff will inform you, again, of the smoking ban. And in case of reaffirming its attitude, it will be brought to the attention of the corresponding public security forces.

Patients hospitalized

If a hospitalized patient is detected smoking inside the buildings, the following action must be taken:

  • Any professional who detects a patient who is smoking should inform him of the obligation to quit smoking.
  • If the person who detects the patient is a professional from the institution, they will inform the patient's care team so that they can offer a treatment to deal with their smoking.
  • If the patient is detected by the Security staff, either through video surveillance systems or in person, they will inform the Customer Service (SAC).
  • The SAC will inform the user that their conduct violates the regulations, and the sanctions that may result from their actions. At the time of the communication, the SAC will inform the user of the possibility of requesting treatment from their healthcare team (doctor / nurse) to deal with their smoking during their stay at Parc Taulí.
  • If the hospitalized patient requests this treatment, the indication will be prescribed by the medical team, and will be stated in the discharge, report or pre-discharge. 
  • Faced with the repeated non-compliance of a patient, the Security Department of Parc Taulí will report the violation to the corresponding public security forces.


Professionals from Parc Taulí

  • If the professional is smoking inside the premises, he will be informed of the obligation to leave the premises.
  • If you refuse to leave the premises, or are a repeat offender, or are inside the building, the violation will be reported to the Human Resources Department, which will contact its institutional manager in order to apply the sanction they may to carry out its actions, as established in the corresponding agreement or internal regime.