Electronic notifications

Electronic notifications

Electronic notification is that which is done by electronic means as long as the interested party has expressed their consent for any of the administrative procedures processed in the Consorci Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí in Sabadell. Interested parties may agree to receive electronic notifications in general, for all procedures, or for one or more procedures.

It is essential to have an e-mail address in order to be notified by electronic means.

The notification system used by the Consorci Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí de Sabadell is the e-NOTUM. Once the notification is inside the system, an email is sent to the email address of the person concerned with the link and instructions for accessing the notification. Access is by digital certificate (DNIe, IdCAT, etc.) or with a single-use password.


Information of interest





Operation of electronic notifications

The notification will be understood to have been made for all legal purposes at the time the access to its content to the e-mail address takes place.

The notification system accredits the date and time of making the notification available to the e-mail address of the interested party and the date and time of access to the content of the notified act by the citizen, as well as any technical cause that makes any of the above circumstances impossible.

With regard to electronic notifications in accordance with the provisions of article 56 of Law 26/2010, of 3 August, on the Legal Regime and Procedure of the Public Administrations of Catalonia, notification by electronic means is is rejected for all purposes if, once the provision has been made available to the person concerned or his representative, ten calendar days have elapsed without access to the content, or five days in the procurement files, unless, ex officio or at the request of the addressee, the technical or material impossibility of accessing them is verified.

Conditions of the electronic communications and notifications service

Acceptance will entail the consent of the interested party to receive by electronic means any notification with legal effects that may arise from this procedure.

Notifications and electronic communications will be deposited in the electronic venue of this body. The electronic notifications and communications system will send the interested party e-mails and / or SMS messages informing them of the deposit of the notification / communication. Email and / or SMS are sent for information only.

In order to accredit the interested party's access to the content of the notifications, it will be necessary to identify and authenticate it by means of an electronic signature generated by one of the electronic certificates recognized and classified by the AOC Consortium with a level 3 or higher.

For access to the content of the communications, only the identification of the interested party is required.