Generic request: electronic registration

Access to the Electronic Register of the Consorci Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí and the related entities Sabadell Gent Gran Center de Serveis, SA and Fundació Parc Taulí, allows any natural or legal person to submit an application, written or communication when a specific electronic form does not exist.

In accordance with article 14 of Law 39/2015, Right and obligation to interact electronically with public administrations, they are obliged to interact through electronic means with public administrations to carry out any procedure of a administrative procedure, at least the following subjects:

  • Legal entities.
  • Entities without legal personality.
  • Those who carry out a professional activity for which compulsory membership is required, for the procedures and actions they carry out with the public administrations in the exercise of the aforementioned professional activity. In any case, this group includes notaries and registrars of property and commercial property.
  • Those who represent an interested party who is obliged to interact electronically with the Administration.
  • Employees of public administrations for the procedures and actions they carry out with them due to their status as a public employee, as determined by regulations of each Administration.

If you use this access, please clearly identify the entity of the Parc Taulí to which you are going.