Hours and regulations

Visiting hours and regulations for relatives and companions

  • La mask is mandatory
  • To guarantee security during the night, from 22pm to 7am the main entrance to the Taulí building will be closed and entry will be through the Emergency Department. Please use this access in a restricted manner in order to promote the rest of the rest of the patients.

Hospitalization: Taulí, Albada and VII Centenary Buildings

  • Adults:
    • From 9 a.m. to 21 p.m.: 1 companion per patient.
  • Pediatrics
    • 24 hours a day: 2 companions per patient.

Critics: UCI, UCCRI and Semicritics

  • 7.30 8 from a h
    from 13 to 15 p.m. (medical information 13 to 14 p.m.)
    18 19 from a h
    22.30 23 from a h

Neonatal ICU

  • 13 13.30 from a h
    19 19.30 from a h
    22 23 from a h

Pediatric ICU

  • 8.30 9.30 from a h
    12 14 from a h
    16 20.30 from a h
    23 00 from a h


  • Adults: 1 companion per patient.
  • Pediatrics: 2 companions per patient.

7th Floor (psychiatry)

  • working days: From 17 to 20 h
  • Saturdays and holidays:From 10.30 a.m. to 13.30 p.m., from 17 p.m. to 20 p.m

Exceptions to the general visiting regulations

The following exceptions are warranted, regardless of whether visits to certain areas or to all hospitalization units are restricted at any time:

 Exceptions to the general rules of visits
 The presence of a companion is ALWAYS allowed (the same person every day)Necessary visits are allowed at the discretion of the care teamAdditionally, a one-off visit is allowed
Hospitalization - Patients with physical or intellectual disabilities or severe sensory deficits
- Minors
- Partition process
- Situation of end of life
- Acute confusional syndromes / delirium
- Inability to communicate by telephone
- Postoperative patients on the same day of surgery
- Entrance to the critical area
Critics - Minors - Situation of end of life
- Acute confusional syndromes / delirium
- Postoperative patients on the same day of surgery
Emergencies - Patients profile Take care of me
- Patients in end-of-life situation
- Minors
- Psychiatric patients
- Acute confusional syndromes / delirium and others for consideration by the care team