What to do to have health transport?

Image of an ambulance with his health staff working

Public health takes care of the transfer to health centers (outbound and / or return) only when the patient is not in a position to move by ordinary means and needs it due to strictly health problems. Health centers of origin and / or destination must be integrated into the public network.

Transport will be by ambulance, as taxi transfers are only allowed exceptionally.

Public ambulance medical transport services are classified into urgent i not urgent.

Urgent transport

The same person may request it in the event of an urgent need for care to transport the patient to the nearest health center:

Non-urgent transport

Medical transport (ambulances) not urgent is regulated by Instruction 3/2006 of CatSalut, which periodically holds a tender for the contracting of the service. In the last competition, the award was for UTE Falck VL Servicios Sanitarios-Ambulancias Vallès (UP 07781) for the area of Vallès occidental.

To request this type of service, the authorization of the doctor requesting the trip is required by medical indication:

  • In case demergency and / or hospital discharge, is requested directly from the hospital.
  • In case the patient has to be visited at the hospital's outpatient clinic, either referred by the general practitioner or at the request of the hospital's own specialist, it is the doctors themselves who will facilitate the patient's request and contact with the transport company.

In the latter case, the patient, relatives or companions must contact the Health Transport service companies sufficiently in advance to be able to adapt the available resources, minimum 2 days before the service.