CARE ME card

The CUIDA'M card is the individual health card (TSI) that identifies those people who, due to their special clinical characteristics (autism, dementia, behavioral disorders, brain damage, etc.) need different actions in their care.

Parc Taulí's commitment to the holders of this card is:

• Ensure that all these patients are accompanied at all times (with justified exceptions) by their referring relative.

• Speed ​​up your attention:

• Emergencies: The criterion of triage will be a priority and, on equal terms, these patients will be prioritized.

• CCEE: To guarantee that there is no delay in accordance with the agreed time and to try to expedite the attention previous identification of its condition ".

The specialist doctor who visits you at the Parc Taulí Health Corporation can inform you about the CUIDA'M card. The doctor can request it with the patient's prior authorization. You can also ask Customer Service for more information.