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The volunteer is one who has social sensitivity and freely makes the commitment to devote their time to taking action for the benefit of others, without financial consideration and within the framework of an organization.

Volunteering is an expression of a commitment to solidarity to improve the quality of life.

Volunteering is a movement historically linked to our institutional history, especially in one of our centers (Albada, health center). In 2010, volunteering received a new impetus with the launch of the Parc Taulí Volunteer Plan. This Plan aims to respond to existing health and social demands in the different corporate centers.


Testimonies from Parc Taulí volunteers tell us about their experiences

We have scheduled activities where volunteers participate on a regular basis and others where action is taken on demand, according to the needs of each moment. Volunteering always has a complementarity function with the health and social team, doing tasks of:

  • Accompanying the hospitalized person: reading, conversation, company, listening ...
  • Support for leisure and therapeutic activities: crafts, memory workshops, board games ...
  • Walks inside or outside the centers: in Parc Taulí, walks in the corridor ...
  • Support for procedures and procedures: DNI, passport, visits to other centers and services.

Training is a key element for the proper development of voluntary work and is a right of the volunteer. The Parc Taulí Volunteer Program offers training and guidance to people who start volunteering at the organization. Training hours are mandatory before starting the voluntary action (approx. 6 hours).

Annual report

Would you like to volunteer with us?


  • Be of legal age.
  • Have a few hours a week, preferably during the week and be available for training.
  • Ability to work in a team and ease in dealing with people.

If you are interested in being part of our volunteer team, send us, by email or directly to the hospital information desk, your motivational sheet to volunteer:

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