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What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility seeks to anyone, regardless of their abilities (people who are blind or have severe visual impairment, myopia, motor disabilities, etc.), can access all the content that is on a website. This prioritizes the right of all people to use the information available on the Internet, but also obeys an ethical issue that benefits all users equally.

El W3C (World Wide We Consortium), the international community working to develop web standards, through its initiative WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), many efforts have been made to improve web accessibility. The European Commission itself recommends to all Member States the use and application of the guides developed by this initiative, which are collected and published in the WCAG extension (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

Accessibility to the Parc Taulí website

The entire Parc Taulí Health Corporation website, as well as those of its centers, have been designed in accordance with WCAG 2.0 guidelines according to double level A (AA), among which we highlight:

  • Proper use of headers (headings).
  • The correct use of tags that are part of the HTML code, adapting them to the type of content they represent: lists, tables, links, paragraphs, images, citations, among others.
  • All images contain the attribute alternative text (or), which facilitates their understanding and identification, except for purely decorative ones.
  • Taulís are used only for presenting data and incorporate labels summary i caption, which facilitate their identification and identification.
  • The content has been positioned using the HTML language and style sheets in its CSS 3.0 release.
  • Hyperlinks are accompanied by the descriptive attribute title and many of them are preceded by a descriptive icon.
  • The contrast between the text and the background has been revised with the tools WCAG contrast checker i Color Contrast Analyser.
  • The font size can be controlled from the tools that are embedded in the different browsers.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly navigate through the content without having to use the mouse. These shortcuts correspond to a combination of a letter or number of the keyboard and other keys that will vary depending on the browser:

  • Explore in Windows: Alt + [letter or number] + integer.
  • Mozilla Firefox on Windows and Linux: Shift + Alt + [letter or number].
  • Opera on Windows: Shift + Esc + [letter or number]
  • safari on Mac: Control + [letter or number]
  • Mozilla Firefox on Mac: Control + [letter or number]

Therefore, using the combinations of the above keys and the letters or numbers described below will facilitate access to the following contents:

0 - Accessibility
1 - Inici
2 - Search
3 - Electronic office
4 - Contact
5 - How to arrive
6 - Language


7 - Legal warning
8 - Web Map
9 - Private area


c - Centers and Services
u - Users
p - Professionals
d - Teaching
r - R&D
i - Corporate info

t - Twitter
y - Youtube

Icon lists

In order to make the contents more intelligible, they are often featured with a representative icon of the information to be provided:

Help us improve

Accessibility is a process of continuous improvement, so we invite you to send us your suggestions on this website via our email:

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