UDIAT Diagnostic Center

Organizational structure

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UDIAT Diagnostic Center performs all the necessary diagnostic tests for care. Works in an early, accurate and interprofessional way integrating knowledge and technologies at your fingertips.


  • What: add value and quality to clinical decision-making in the diagnostic / therapeutic process
  • With: in a precocious, accurate and interprofessional way integrating knowledge and technologies at their disposal
  • Because: to provide efficient and sustainable response to the needs of the people

Services and units


  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • workshops
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Pathology


  • PET-CT
  • Breast radiology
  • Vascular Radiology and Interventional

Other services

  • Digital Medical Imaging Center (CIMD)

Clinical and Management Committee

Clinical and Management Committee of UDIAT Diagnostic Center

Eugenio Berlanga Staircase 
Head of Laboratory

Luis Berna Roqueta
Director of Nuclear Medicine Service

Lluís Blanch Torra
Research and Innovation Management

Josep Fernández Bayo
Head of the Medical Imaging Center DIgital

Joan Carles Ferreres Piñas
Head of the Pathological Anatomy Service

Pablo Manuel Hernando Robles
Customer Service Direction

Joan Martí López
Directorate General

Josep M. Mata Duaso
Director of Radiodiagnosis Service

Mrs. Roser Muñoz Garcia
Director of Management and Administration

Mr. Xavier Pons Torrents
Head of Management of Personnel Administration

Dr. Ma Montserrat Torra Puig
Director of the Laboratory Service


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