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El Clinical Laboratory Service del Parc Taulí Hospital Universitari is a service of biomedical diagnosis patient centered. It includes the different areas of knowledge of Laboratory Medicine and its main objective is to collaborate closely with clinicians in the patient care process, with the generation of analytical data and its integration into valuable and useful information for diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic monitoring of diseases. Within the activity of the service, teaching and continuing education as well as research stand out as basic pillars that enable the transfer of knowledge to the clinic.


Our purpose is to generate and integrate new knowledge of the biology of diseases and, together with technological advances, make them available to clinicians and the public. We work to ensure the maximum excellence that our work requires within the health structure to which we belong.


At an organizational level, we distinguish two major areas: the Llaboratories Core (Routine Laboratory and Emergency Laboratory) is a highly automated, robotized and transversal area with a high level of care activity and with response times adjusted to the needs of clinicians and the area of specialized laboratories which includes a Biochemistry, Genetics (Center for Genomic Medicine), Hematology and Clinical Hemostasis Unit, Immunology, Microbiology and Medicine Transfusional. Since its inception, the service has opted for the generation of knowledge from different areas of specialization, but enhancing transversality and permeability between the different areas to take advantage of both technological, human and knowledge resources, in order to create synergies, increase efficiency and achieve more sustainability.

Our laboratory model is that of a transversal and fully integrated service in the hospital, which works together with the different healthcare units to facilitate the relationship with the clinicians and ultimately be closer to the patient.

We actively participate and lead research projects with a clear translational vision of our activity

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Mª Luz Muñoz Marín

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