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It is a test in which a galactophore duct in the breast is studied, by introducing non-ionic contrast through the nipple.or later mammograms


- Allergy to contrast.
- Pregnancy.


Galactography Preparation: Do not apply body products (deodorants, creams ...)

You do not need any special preparation except good body hygiene and do not apply creams or body products (deodorant, talcum powder, moisturizer) as it may interfere with the image.



The person being tested will be stretched on a stretcher to be able to enter the contrast into the duct. We first channel the same, using dilators of different diameters, these are needles but without a bezel (tip) the tip is round and not prick, we start using the thinner dilator, to finish with the larger caliber that will allow us to pass the 'needle to enter the contrast. Then two projections of the cranial-caudal and lateral breast are made at 90º.

What will you notice?

Slight pain: Because the nipple is a very sensitive area and when it is manipulated it tends to contract, making it difficult for the dilators to enter.

Lameness: At the time of the introduction of the contrast.


- Manipulation infection

- Extraversion of the contrast outside the galactophore duct which in any case is solved without any problems.

What do we see?

The interior of the galactophore duct in all its length. We hope to find lesions (intraductal papillomas, etc.) that are causing the secretion and to be able to solve them as soon as possible.

Test completed

You may experience slight discomfort in the nipple during the hours after the test.

Loss of fluid through the nipple (contrast).

After 2-3 days of infection: In this case, you will feel pain, heat and redness in the area.

Everything is fixed with proper treatment as soon as possible.


Once the test is completed, we will follow the established circuits so that the results reach the specialist who has requested them.

It does not give any pain but can sometimes be a little annoying for women who have cysts or inflammation of the chest, or if you are menstruating or ovulating as the breast is more disturbed and more sensitive.



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