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What is?

It is a type of mammography that uses moving X-rays to generate 3D images of the breast.

Tomosynthesis apparatus / Udiat / Parc Taulí

It is performed using an X-ray machine called tomosynthesis, which, unlike the conventional mammogram, makes a movement with which multiple images are captured at different angles.

At our service we enjoy a tomosynthesis of the brand Selenia named Length.

Com funciona?

It is a device like a mammal, in which we do 2 projections in CC and 2 more in MLO with the difference that, in addition, we do tomosynthesis, which is performed by a movement of the X-ray tube that rotates d left to right, obtaining 15 images in a few seconds while the breast is compressed. These images are reconstructed creating the 3D image of each projection, to be viewed individually or in movie mode at the viewing station.

When is the test indicated?

Tomosynthesis is used when decided by the radiologist, depending on the result of conventional mammography:

- Overlay of breast tissue
- Characterization and localization of lesions in different projections

This saves the patient from reciting them and reduces the percentage of additional screenings.

Tomosynthesis will also be performed in patients with symptoms, as long as the radiologist or gynecologist has clinical reasons for doing so. These symptoms may be:

Mastalgia (breast pain) unrelated to the menstrual cycle

The nipple suddenly pulled out

Modifications to the outline or structure of the breast

Skin alterations (ulcer, orange or red skin, ...)

Presence of a nodule

Presence of a nodule in the armpit

How to prepare?

Do not wear body products for Tomosynthesis


No special preparation is needed except good body hygiene and no creams, talcum powders or deodorant.



Often this kind of product has some components that can cause false images.


What troubles do I have after the test?

You should not feel any discomfort after the test. But in the event that you get any blue, you should consult your doctor because you probably have coagulation problems and you need a solution.

What troubles do I have after the test?

Once the scan is done you can return to normal life as this procedure has no side effects.

The results will be sent to your destination center to the attention of the doctor who has requested the scan in about a week.








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