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Biopsy by stereotaxis

Definition. What is?

Breast biopsy is a test that examines breast tissue for alterations.

Image: Digital stereotactic biopsy chart

Stereotaxis is a radiological technique of three-dimensional localization, in which through a special system we study non-palpable lesions less than 1 mm or more.

When is it indicated?

When, when performing a control mammogram, we find alterations in the breast tissue (nodules, microcalcifications, distortions of the mammary parenchyma, ...).


Pregnancy, unless there are important clinical reasons for performing the biopsy.

Previous information

A biopsy is never performed without first informing the woman. The information may be provided by telephone or personally in the area of ​​breast radiology in a room equipped for this purpose.

Digital stereotaxis-directed breast biopsy

During the interview it is explained:

The reason why a biopsy is requested.

That is.

Know your current medical history (allergies, treatments, diseases).

Day and time of exploration.

We clarify any doubts and questions women may have about the procedure.


No preparation is needed, not even fasting. If you take medication, you do not need to stop taking it. If you feel anxious, you can take some commonly used tranquilizers or infusions.

Please note: all people receiving oral anticoagulants, platelet antiplatelet agents, or those with liver disease should report this before the day of the biopsy.

What is exploration?

It requires maximum collaboration of the patient as movement must be avoided throughout the procedure. At no point will she feel lonely, as she will always be accompanied by a person inside the room. The stereotactic equipment has a computer with a coordinate calculation system, a control console (Rx generator) and a table with a central hole.

Images Breast biopsy


The woman is placed on her face down with the breast to study through the hole. During the biopsy, the breast is compressed to prevent movement.


All material used to perform the biopsy is sterile and disposable. We make a first image to locate the lesion and then acquire two new images at different obliquities.


Local anesthetic is applied to the area, and then the extraction of the samples begins, obtaining a minimum of 6 samples. Only one entry hole will remain in the skin. Once the test is completed, the breast is decompressed and manual compression is performed. The puncture site is disinfected and a sterile dressing (gauze, iodized alcohol, esparadrap) is put on it, we put ice on the dressing and we recommend not to remove it after about two hours. The dressing is removed within 24 hours.

Imaging system of breast biopsy

What will you notice during the biopsy?

Slight pressure: Will decrease during the test. Itching and stinging: caused by the effect of the anesthetic during the first seconds. Light discomfort: when the samples are taken. The procedure is not painful.

Risks and complications

Bleeding: At the time of specimen collection, bleeding may occur if you puncture a blood vessel, which is usually used with standard compression methods; if not, the suture will be performed (it is very uncommon). Abrupt movements of the lady when we are taking the samples could cause tears of the breast tissue.

Subsequent discomfort: The appearance of a bruise after the biopsy is normal. It reabsorbs alone without any problems. Placing ice on the area will reduce discomfort as well as bruising. The slight pain relieves with paracetamol-type painkillers. It is contraindicated Acetyl Salicylic Acid (Aspirin®).

Later information

We indicate the days it takes to validate the biopsy and how the results will be received.

Imaging breast biopsy information

We deliver:

1. Medical report explaining the examination performed, in which it is recommended to rest for the next 12 hours of the biopsied breast extremity. If the lady has any complications, she should submit this report to the emergency doctor visiting her.

2. Nursing report, in which we explain the aftercare.

Complementary tests

Bone scan is another complementary test to a breast biopsy.


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