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Complete catalog of scans


Complete catalog of scans

The wide participation of Interventional Radiology in many pathology groups makes it necessary to create a detailed catalog of procedures, which are performed regularly in collaboration with different groups of professionals in the clinical field:

Abdominal pathology

a) Hepatology:

Thick, thick needle puncture for diagnosis of focal lesions
Transjugular liver biopsy
CHC chemo-embolization
Blood CHC embolization
Varicose embolization
Treatment of HTP digestive hemorrhage by TIPPS
Portal and liver manometries

b) Biliary and pancreatic pathology:

Diagnostic transparietohepatic cholangiography
Percutaneous drainage of abscesses and collections
Percutaneous biliary drainage in biliary sepsis
Treatment of post-surgical biliary stenosis
Treatment of choledochal lithiasis percutaneously
Cytology and forceps biopsy with forceps forceps
Biliary stent placement in benign and benign pathology
Percutaneous cholecystostomy in the treatment of acute cholecystitis

c) Esophageal and gastrointestinal:

Placement of self-expanding "stents" coated or not in neoplastic dysphagia
Dilatation and / or placement of "stents" in benign esophageal stenosis
Gastrostomy, gastrojejunostomy and jejunostomy for food
Percutaneous drainage of abscesses and collections
Angiographic diagnosis of intestinal bleeding
Embolization in high digestive bleeding
Treatment of chronic intestinal ischemia with angioplasty and "stents"
Treatment of bowel obstruction by flanges with nasojejunal tube
Percutaneous treatment of intestinal fistulas

d) Colonic:

Treatment of low bowel occlusion for colon neoplasia with colorectal "stents"

Kidney pathology

Percutaneous nephrostomy in acute or chronic bilateral obstruction
"Double J" catheter placement in acute or chronic bilateral obstruction
Ureteral biopsy in the diagnosis of ureteral tumors
Varicocele embolization
Embolization of bleeding renal or pelvic tumors
Renal embolization in the hematuria of traumatic or iatrogenic cause

Nephrological pathology

Percutaneous and transfemoral renal biopsy
Waterproofing of AV fistulas to dialysis patients
Placement of tunneled central accesses for dialysis
Treatment of vasculorenal HTA with angioplasty-endoprosthesis

Neurological pathology

Non-selective and selective TSA angiography
Cerebral angiography
Treatment of carotid stenosis with angioplasty and / or stenting


Thoracic pathology

Treatment of empyema and other pleural collections
Bronchial embolization in the patient with hemoptysis
Percutaneous intracavitary treatment of pulmonary aspergilloma
TEP prophylaxis with temporary or permanent vena cava filter
Pharmacological fibrinolysis and intrapulmonary mechanics in unstable TEP


Gynecological pathology

Tubular waterproofing in the treatment of infertility
Treatment of chronic pelvic pain (female varicocele) with embolization
Postpartum hemorrhage embolization
Uterine myoma embolization
Drain abscesses and collections
Placement of nephrostomy or "double J" catheters in ureteral obstructions and / or lesions


Ophthalmological pathology

Treatment of the epiphorus with the placement of tear "stents"
Diagnostic dacryocystography


Polytraumatic pathology

Embolization of traumatic pelvic bleeding injuries
Embolization of splanchic (hepatic, splenic, renal) bleeding injuries
Embolization of arterial pseudoaneurysms of EEII with compartmental picture


Oncological pathology

Installation of Hickman-type central catheters and subcutaneous reservoirs
Alignment of dysphagia by esophageal neoplasia
Palliation of gastric obstruction by neoplasia
Palliation of tumor obstructive jaundice
Palliation of bowel occlusion by colon neoplasia with stenting
Palliation of Ureteral Obstruction by "Double J" Neoplasm
Palliation of the Sde. of Vein Cava Superior tumor with "stent"
Embolization and chemoembolization of hypervascular tumors


Vascular pathology

a) Non-invasive techniques:

Color duplex-doppler ultrasound in peripheral arterial pathology, in EEII venous pathology (DVT and venous insufficiency)
Helical CT of the aorta and visceral arteries
MRI angiography of the aorta, TSA, visceral and peripheral arteries

b) Invasive techniques:

Visceral angiography
Angiography of aorta and EEII and EESS
Angiography of the TSA
Angiographic study and treatment of VAS
EEII and EESS phlebographs
Visceral phlebographs
Treatment of iliac artery stenosis with angioplasty and "stents"
Treatment of peripheral and visceral aneurysms and pseudoaneurysms
Waterproofing of the bypass with intra-arterial UK in acute ischemia




Complete catalog of scans


Catalog of urgent care scans

Ischemic pathology

Acute peripheral ischemia - RVI procedure: DSA regarding urgent surgical intervention
Closed bypass peripheral acute ischemia - RVI procedure: DSA + fibrinolytic treatment
Mesenteric ischemia - RVI procedure: Mesenteric DSA + fibrinolytic treatment
Cerebral ischemia - RVI procedure: Cerebral DSA + fibrinolytic treatment


Hemorrhagic pathology

Diagnosis-treatment of hemoptysis - RVI procedure: Bronchial artery embolization
Digestive hemorrhage - RVI procedure: DSA + selective embolization
Anemizing hematuria of renal or bladder origin - RVI procedure: Renal-pelvic DSA + selective embolization
Bleeding from traumatic origin - RVI procedure: Selective DSA + selective embolization
Study fractures with vascular involvement - RVI procedure: Extremity DSA
High post-traumatic fluid priapism - RVI procedure: DSA + embolization


Pulmonary thromboembolic disease

Unstable Massive TEP Treatment - RVI procedure: Thrombectomy + selective pulmonary fibrinolysis
Treatment-Prophylaxis of recurrent TEP- RVI procedure: Inferior vena cava filter


Superior vena cava syndrome

Central venous recanalization - RVI procedure: Cavography + Angioplasty-Stent


Dyslysis access dysfunction

Pathology of arteriovenous fistulas - RVI procedure: DSA + Angioplasty-Stent
Thrombosis of the arteriovenous fistula - RVI procedure: Thrombectomy + fibrinolysis
Intravascular foreign body removal - RVI procedure: Loop catheter + endovascular recovery

Non-vascular pathology

Biliary sepsis - RVI procedure: Biliary drainage or cholecystostomy
Urinary sepsis - RVI procedure: Nephrostomy
Neoplastic colonic obstruction - RVI procedure: Colorectal stent


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