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The Taulí Interventional Vascular Radiology Unit is a multidisciplinary unit in which interventional radiologists and neuroangiorradiologists participate, as well as nursing specialized in image-guided procedures and their care. For their development, imaging techniques are used that are assisted by radiology technicians specifically qualified in these complex technology imaging equipment, which primarily use X-rays or ultrasound.

Many of the procedures can be performed without general anesthesia, although the more complex and pediatric ones are done with the support of a trained anesthetist in this area outside the operating room.

As a main feature, we have the fact that we do not have to make large incisions, as the introduction of small devices of a few millimeters is used to progress through the blood vessels or other ducts of the body to reach the target organs, where the treatment will be performed. It usually involves less risk, less pain, and faster patient recovery.



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Arantxa Gelabert Barragán

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