Good feelings at Healthio 2018

Good feelings at Healthio 2018 1024 660 Joaquín Campoy Rubio

El sistema Hospital Universitario Parc Taulí has participado para el tiempo en el HEALTHIO evento, an innovation fair held in Barcelona gathering the different stakeholders of the healthcare sector, namely patients, healthcare profesionales, public sector and companies.  

In our corporative stand, representative staff of the hospital have shown to hundreds of visitors some of the most innovative products developed here: the "RAIM Viewer", An application based on Augmented reality technology with potential use in the diagnosis and surgical fields, Amongst others; the "Surgical Map and SMS notification system", Han informáticos tool destined to ENHANCE the management of the surgical patient from the standpoint of profesional staff and families; the "App Taulireport", A software platform which assists managerial staff in the decision making process concerning emergencias and hospitalization; and the "Tour virtual", An application based on virtual reality allowing pediatric patients to familiarize with the hospital facilities prior to the treatment day.

Thanks to a survey taken from visitors we have been able to determine that the Virtual Tour and the RAIM Viewer were the most appealing of the technologies shown. It has also contributed to the understanding of the priorities of visitors regarding healthcare innovations. For instance, patients Ranked the Surgical Map & notificación SMS and the RAIM Viewer as those technologies more likely to improve their experience as users of the healthcare system. Similarly, healthcare profesionales have Valued the same technologies as those which would better ENHANCE their jobs.

The participation at HEALTHIO has been importante to make our inventions known to the public and markets and to forge future Synergies with the healthcare industry, which will improve the positioning of "Parc Taulí" in the healthcare innovation arena. This event has also been an optimum scenario to understand and identify the needs and priorities of patients and profesionales in order to Establish the future pathways of innovation.

This rewarding experience would not have been posible without the inventiveness, effort and Dedication of profesionales of our hospital and thus we invite you ALL to participate in the innovation process that will shape the future in healthcare. Si va want to get on board, contact us at , para obtener más información.

Visitadores profile

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  • Pacientes / Usuarios
  • Profesionales

Most Valued technologies

  • App Taulireport
  • Surgical Map & SMS
  • Tour virtual
  • RAIM Viewer
Joaquín Campoy Rubio

I am an innovation projects manager at the Innovation Unido of the Parc Taulí Foundation. Graduated in law from the Universidad Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona, ​​with an LLM in European and International Trade Law from Glasgow Caledonian University and an LLM in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Derby. I am currently Completing a PHD at the University of Central Lancashire on the promotion of medical R & D donde neglected diseases. Legal training and experience in legal firms specializing in IP and innovation.

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