Promising kick-off of the collaboration between Taulí and ESDi

Promising kick-off of the collaboration between Taulí and ESDi 1080 591 Anna Ullastres

In the light of the reciente collaboration agreement between Parc Taulí and Escuela Superior de Diseño de Sabadell (ESDI), we visited yesterday the center to meet with the students.

ESDi students Presented their proposals of technical solutions to the innovation challenges Launched by profesionales at Hospital Parc Taulí. For two months, first year undergrads have been working in the design of prototipos of new products that meet Uncovered needs in healthcare facilities concerning intra-hospital infecciones and plastic waste management.

We were really impressed by the original and creative designs and we hope to continue Evolving the prototipos into real solutions together with ESDi. We strongly believe that innovation through Multidisciplinary Collaborations is key to come up with feasible solutions, focused donde Bringing value to the final users.

From the innovation unido, we would like to thank Carlos Cabezón for inviting os and to give os the opportunity to meet the future talented designers. We would also like to thank specially ESDi students for their Dedication. Congratulations and good job!

Anna Ullastres

Y Graduated in Biology and studied a Master in Cell Biology, specializing in cancer and citogenético. Until 2017, I worked as a researcher and obtained a PhD in Genetics. After that, I enrolled a university postgrade program on Innovation and Project Management and started working as innovation project manager at the Innovation Unido of the Parc Taulí Foundation. I am currently Completing the postgrade program and specializing in IP protection.

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