Hospital of Sabadell

Services and rates


  • Health care for patients with imported infectious diseases, whether tropical or not.
  • Preventive advice:
    • General advice (clothes, shoes, baths, altitude, jet-lag, sun protection ...)
    • Measures to protect from mosquito and other insect bites.
    • Measures to prevent infections from water or food intake.
    • Measures to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
    • Malaria prophylaxis
    • Prescription of basic medical supplies and drugs for other illnesses, if any.
  • Mandatory and / or recommended vaccines:
    • Yellow fever
    • Tetanus / diphtheria
    • Poliomyelitis
    • Hepatitis A
    • Hepatitis B
    • Typhoid fever
    • Rage
    • Meningococcal
    • Central European encephalitis
    • Japanese encephalitis


Rates 2021

Individual visit: € 33,36 (includes vaccines, except yellow fever)

Individual visit with SARSCoV-2 PCR: 120 € (includes vaccines, except for yellow fever)
SARSCoV-2 PCR is scheduled for the day of consultations closest to the trip. The result can be consulted from My Health from the next 24 hours.

Visit to family group (accredited with family book or other official document):

- 2 relatives: € 24,60 / person
- 3 relatives or more: € 20,50 / person

Visit without vaccine administration or non-complex advice (according to medical criteria): € 12,30

Yellow fever vaccine (includes vaccine and administration): 18,51€

The vaccines and prophylactic medication provided are funded by CatSalut and therefore are not charged to the public network user with the exception of the yellow fever vaccine.