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El Parc Taulí launches the new Polytrauma Patient Care website

El Parc Taulí launches the new Polytrauma Patient Care website 1080 576 Parc Taulí current affairs

The new Politraumatic Patient Care website, which can be visited at the address www.tauli.cat/hospital/atencio-al-pacient-politraumatic, highlights the care devices and their location, the professionals involved and the care phases, among other aspects.

Parc Taulí is a reference center for the transfer of polytrauma patients, both forprehospital care as for polytrauma patients admitted to other centers hospitals that require treatments that exceed their possibilities. 11 medical specialties and nursing staff are involved in the care of these patients.

In this new web space, the phases of care for the polytrauma patient are specified, from pre-hospital care with the activation of the PPT code to their admission to different hospital services, according to their condition and their injuries: critical area, hospital floor, emergency area, etc. Soon, it is planned to incorporate a new section on the website with testimonials from patients who have suffered polytrauma and wanted to explain their experience.

annually, occur more than 1.000 activations of the PPT code in Parc Taulí. Of all the activations, between 120 and 140 patients per year will be of considerable severity requiring admission to the critical care area. In this more serious group of patients, sequelae appear in 25-30% of patients and a mortality rate of between 6 and 10% has been identified, depending on the year.

The new web space is the result of the work of the Parc Taulí Polytrauma Patient Care Committee which aims to cohesive and optimize communication and collaboration between the different specialists involved in the care of the polytrauma patient. The president of the Committee, Sandra Montmany, emphasizes that "the new web space aims to be a channel of information for the user and, at the same time, of connection with professionals from other entities dedicated to the care of these patients. It is the result of teamwork within the Committee.”

We invite you to visit it!

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