New mental health area for adults in emergencies at Parc Taulí

New mental health area for adults in emergencies at Parc Taulí 1000 750 Parc Taulí current affairs

El Parc Taulí continues to expand and improve its spaces to continue offering quality assistance to its patients and to improve the working environment of professionals.

This is why the new mental health emergency area for adults, which has 120m2 and can treat up to 10 patients in two areas, went into operation this morning. A common and open space, where there can be up to five patients; and another closed one with five cubicles - four individual and a larger one, which will be used for the first care of the patient - as well as a doctor's office for visits and nursing control. In this first phase, three boxes will come into operation, and in the coming weeks all five will be able to be used.

Until today, patients admitted to emergency rooms for mental health issues had to be treated in the general medical area. Now, with the entry into operation of the new mental health emergency room for adults, these people will be treated in a specific area for this pathology and designed to offer closer and quality care.

The Director of Mental Health at Parc Taulí, Diego Palao, has emphasized that with this new space "patients will have more privacy by having their own space within the emergency area". "It is beneficial for both patients and professionals, because care will be much closer, faster and in higher quality conditions”, explained Palao.

This new area is part of the strategic plan to improve Parc Taulí. With the main objective of continuing to provide value, both for the patient and for the professional, and improving the care and work environment.

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