Dr. Bernardo Núñez participates in the first 'Thoracic Wall Course' in Latin America

Dr. Bernardo Núñez participates in the first 'Thoracic Wall Course' in Latin America 900 600 Parc Taulí current affairs

Parc Taulí has ​​been represented at the first 'Thorac Wall Course' in Latin America, held in Colombia on April 18 and 19 by MedXpert, by the director of the Pediatric Surgery Service and specialist in thorax and rib cage malformations, the Dr. Bernardo Nunez.

Dr. Núñez was the only referent and presenter of the Spanish state in pectus excavatum. Parc Taulí is one of the few reference hospitals in Catalonia and Spain for this pathology and its minimally invasive surgical treatment.

"Achieving excellence in the surgical treatment of pectus excavatum, minimally invasive, using the NUSS technique in our center has been possible thanks to the coordinated and team work of many professionals and the specialized multidisciplinary unit formed by the pediatric thoracic surgery group, Dra. Natalia Álvarez and Dr. Clara Esteva In addition to pediatric cardiology, pediatric pulmonology and pediatric anesthesiology. As well as all my colleagues in the Pediatric Surgery service at Parc Taulí", explained Dr. Bernardo Nunez

El pectus excavatum is a pathology that mainly affects adolescent boys, who have a sunken chest due to the deformity of the chest wall due to the inward growth of the ribs and sternum. These young people may have heart, lung and, above all, psycho-emotional involvement.

The intervention consists of the placement of one or more metal prostheses, as if they were thoracic bars to lift the sternum through two small incisions on the sides of the chest, and with thoracoscopic control, using the NUSS technique.

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