Hospital of Sabadell

Food in peritoneal dialysis

Good nutrition is important and should be an integral part of your treatment along with dialysis and medication.

Proper nutrition is essential for:

  • Provide enough protein to compensate for the loss that comes with dialysis and to supply the calories you need.
  • Control blood pressure, excessive weight gain, thirst and prevent edema by reducing salt and fluid intake.
  • Maintain proper potassium levels in the blood by preventing cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Monitor phosphorus and calcium levels to prevent bone problems.


The diet recommended for peritoneal dialysis is basically the same as for hemodialysis, but with some considerations:

  • Allows you to slightly increase the intake of:
    • Salt and liquids.
    • Proteins (fish and eggs).
    • Potassium (fruits and vegetables).
  • The calorie intake should be diminished, as some peritoneal dialysis solutions contain sugar, which already brings calories to your body.