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Introduction to kidney transplantation

Kidney transplant is the placement of a healthy kidney from a donor that supplements the function of the diseased kidneys.

Types of kidney transplant

Depending on where the body came from:

  • Living donor: voluntary donation
    • between genetically identical individuals (no risk of rejection)
    • between individuals with a kinship or affective relationship
    • no kinship relationship: cross transplant
    • altruistic donor: "the good Samaritan"
  • Deceased donor: family members authorize the donation.

Depending on the place of implantation in the receiver:

  • Orthotopic: the new kidney takes the same place as the damaged one, the damaged one is removed and the new organ is placed.
  • Heterotopic: the new organ occupies a different place than the damaged organ. The diseased kidneys are not removed and the donor is implanted in the lower abdomen of the recipient.

Advantages of kidney transplantation

  • Better quality of life and results.
  • Recovery of kidney function in most cases.
  • It can be performed without dialysis (live donor TR, pre-HD carcass TR).
  • No vascular / peritoneal access required.
  • Preservation of health.
  • Improvements in the emotional, social and work environment.

Disadvantages of kidney transplantation

  • Needs major surgery.
  • There is a risk of surgical complications.
  • There is a risk of rejection.
  • You should follow life-long immunosuppressive treatment.
  • Side effects of medication (lower defenses).

El donante

Who can be a donor?

  • Parents
  • Couple
  • Brethren
  • Family
  • People with great emotional bond
  • Altruistic donor.

Requirements to be a living donor

  • Free and altruistic donation.
  • Be of age.
  • Have a good state of health.
  • Blood group compatibility, otherwise there is an alternative to:
    • TR ABO incompatible
    • Donor exchange
  • Multidisciplinary evaluation: nephrologist, urologist, psychologist, etc.
  • Authorization of the hospital center ethics committee and the civil registry.

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