Breast cancer screening

Breast cancer screening

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Breast cancer screening has dropped 20% in Taulí since the outbreak of the pandemic

Interview with Dr. Baré, coordinator of the Vallès Occidental cancer screening programs (Video of the interview)

19/10/2018 Sabadell Radio. 'In the morning' program. 'El Taulí diagnoses 250 new cases of breast cancer every year'. Interview with Dr. Eugeni Saigí, director of the Oncology Service of Sabadell Hospital
19/10/2017 Sabadell daily Parc Taulí diagnoses breast cancer in 250 people every year
02/03/2017 Sabadell daily Cover: Early cancer screening works. Pg. 4: Taulí screening has detected a thousand cancers in the last 10 years
17/02/2017 The Parc Taulí's Early Breast Cancer Detection Program detected more than 1.000 neoplasms between 2005 and 2015
19/10/2016 Sabadell Hospital diagnoses about 200 cases of breast cancer annually
19/11/2015 Sabadell daily The first post-breast cancer community is presented
20/10/2015 Sabadell Radio website Early detection helps improve the healing levels of breast cancer
17/10/2015 Sabadell daily Eight out of ten women affected by a breast tumor get the disease
21/02/2013 Environment Health. LaVanguardia Breast cancer and its early detection



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