Two Innovative Projects from Parc Taulí Hospital Awarded by FIPSE

Two Innovative Projects from Parc Taulí Hospital Awarded by FIPSE 1024 768 Xavier Gallego

Taby Diagnostics and Safety Hug are two innovative projects that have recently been awarded by FIPSE (Fundación par la Innovación y la Prospectiva en Salud en España). The grant will give the projects the financial resources to cover those expenses associated to the evaluation of the market opportunity.

Taby Diagnostics is developing an in vitro assay to early diagnose liver cancer in cirrhotic patients. Thanks to this test we will duplicate the amount of patients that can be cured. The principal investigator of this project, Dr. Juan Francisco Delgado, has developed a technology that allows him to increase the immunogenicity of tumor associated antigens, therefore increasing the sensitivity to detect serum antibodies in patients at risk to develop liver cancer. Dr. Juan Francisco Delgado is collaborating with Dra. Mercé Vergara, co-investigator of the project, and her team, in a prospective study to further validate the test. Thanks to the FIPSE grant we will be able to perform a business plan, including the financial and regulatory needs to bring this test to the market, along with a roadmap and a fundraising strategy.

Safety Hug is a smart harness that pretends to reduce 50% of the contention time in agitated patients through the collection of critical data. The inventor is Javier Perez Acebo, an emergency nurse from Prac Tauli, who is co-developing the product with Eurecat Technological Center and pretends to reach the market in 2 years. Thanks to the FIPSE grant, we will be able to better understand how different hospitals in Spain approached contention, and the potential market of the product.

Xavier Gallego
Xavier Gallego

I am currently the Head of Innovation and Business Development at Parc Taulí Foundation. Since I finished my bachelor degree in Biology I was working as a scientist in several research institutes. I got my PhD in neuroscience at the Center for Genomic Regulation and then I moved to Colorado for a postdoc at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics. After moving back to Barcelona I decided I wanted to quit the lab and start working on helping other researchers to transform basic research into new and useful healthcare applications for the society. I consider myself an entrepreneur and open-minded person, always thinking on new solutions to solve problems in the healthcare field.

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