New synergies between Synchrotron ALBA and Parc Taulí

New synergies between Synchrotron ALBA and Parc Taulí 1080 810 Esperanza Mancebo

Thanks to Dr. Ibeas’ initiative (I3PT Researcher), last 3rd October the Synchrotron ALBA opened its doors to the Innovation Unit of Parc Taulí (UDIPT) guided by Dr. Ibraheem Yousef and Imma Martinez (Scientist Responsible and postdoc of the beamline BL01-MIRAS).

ALBA, the unique Spanish Synchrotron Light Source and the most recent one built in Europe, has a large research infrastructure opened to researchers from all over the world.

The ALBA facility, is a complex of electron accelerators, to produce synchrotron light in several beamlines, which allows the visualization of the atomic structure of matter as well as the study of its properties.

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The synchrotron light has applications in a lot of scientific fields and a very important part is in bioscience. Proteins, cells, and tissues can be observed for biomedicine research with it. The Synchrotron ALBA offers cutting edge technology to advance in the knowledge of fundamental properties in life and material sciences and to solve societal challenges.

This facility combines the operation of current instruments with the construction of new ones, merging high-level reliability with exciting challenging new projects, many of them carried out in collaboration with national and international institutions.

The visit «enlighten» the minds of the assistants of Parc Taulí with new great ideas and culminated with the possibility of a multitude of new synergies between both entities, fostering collaboration and joint developments for better serving the scientific community and the society.

We encourage you to ask us for more information if you think you could take profit of ALBA’s facilities, or you would like to explore the technologies they offer. From our innovation department, we will prepare a workshop session between I3PT and ALBA in order to broaden the possibilities to collaborate in innovation and technology transfer opportunities.

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