Parc Taulí opens a public tender for an innovative solution towards the monitoring of intestinal vascularization in colorectal surgery

Parc Taulí opens a public tender for an innovative solution towards the monitoring of intestinal vascularization in colorectal surgery 600 600 Edu Soler

Until the 14th of December, The Consorci Corporació Sanitaria Parc Taulí is launching a public tender to incorporate innovative technology towards the monitoring of intestinal vascularization in colorectal surgery.

The contract is estimated at 295.000,00 € and is co-financed by FEDER funds.  During the next days is expected to receive the proposals of the interested parties. These proposals will have to take into account the following criteria:

  • Enhance the quantification of intestinal vascularization using a laparoscopic tower.
  • Enhance the reduction of suture dehiscences  due to a poor vascularization of the anastomosis in colorectal surgeries.
  • The provision of a laparoscopi tower.
  • Scalable to other hospitals.

These are some of the most relevant criteria but is necessary to read carefully the technical file before presenting any proposal.

See all the documentation of the project and where to apply in the following link. For any doubt about the tender please contact  (spanish)

Deadline 14th of December


Anastomosis is the connection made surgically between adjacent blood vessels, parts of the intestine, or other channels of the body. Suture dehiscence (anastomotic dehiscence or lack of healing between the union of two intestinal segments), is one of the most serious post-operative complications.

Ischemia of the anastomotic margins is closely related to poor healing of the anastomosis. Currently, we only have subjective intraoperative factors, based primarily on the personal experience of the surgeon, to assess adequate perfusion of the anastomotic tissue.

In order to reduce the mortality and morbidity associated with suture dehiscence it is therefore necessary to develop the SERGREEN system, an objective system for the evaluation of intraoperative intestinal vascularization.

Edu Soler

Science, healthcare and business are the three pillars that drive me nowadays. I love to engage new people in the adventure of healthcare innovation and always keep on learning from them. I am highly motivated with my participation in performing teams worldwide.

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