I3PT is making progress in implementing the European HRS4R seal of excellence

I3PT is making progress in implementing the European HRS4R seal of excellence 800 600 Mireia Córcoles
  • The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers seal certifies that the institute complies with the principles of the European Commission for the recruitment of research staff, and that it ensures the professional development, job stability and fair remuneration of its staff.

The Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) is in the process of implementing the HRS4R seal (Human Resources Strategy for Researchers), which certifies that the institution promotes a stimulating work environment and some favorable working conditions, according to the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Research Staff.

In March of this year, the I3PT received the seal of excellence by the European Commission, after successfully passing the evaluation of its action plan. This action plan envisages that over the next two years, a process in which it is currently immersed, the I3PT must make progress in disposing of its human resources policies in accordance with the 40 principles of the Charter. and the Code.

Currently, the Institute, through an ad hoc internal commission, is individually reviewing all the principles in order to improve its human resources policies and to make known to the whole community of Parc Taulí the advantages of HRS4R seal. To do so, an I3PT committee has begun work on principles related to selection processes, chronological variability in the curriculum, and recognition of qualifications.

First, the goal is for all processes to be transparent and open, ensuring that the job offer is sufficiently explicit but not overly specialized in order not to demotivate potential candidates. Likewise, the selection processes must be made up of experts from different areas and with equal representation in terms of gender.

Secondly, in terms of chronological variability in the curriculum, it is clear that interruptions in research activity should not be penalized, but should consider the evolution of the career.

The I3PT is also working to gather the opinions of staff regarding the format and design that the Institute's job offers currently have. For this reason, the Institute has created a mailbox on the Intranet so that staff can transfer their opinions anonymously. 

The strategy HRS4R is an initiative of the European Commission which aims to contribute to the development of an attractive European labor market for research staff, through the optimization of recruitment processes - guaranteeing equal opportunities for all candidates - and working conditions and the research career, with improved policies for professional development, job stability and fair pay.

Thus, this recognition will allow the I3PT to achieve international visibility as a European institution that provides a favorable environment for research with equal opportunities, ethical integrity and work-life balance.

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