Parc Taulí is committed to invest in surgical planning through 3D printing

Parc Taulí is committed to invest in surgical planning through 3D printing 1024 768 Edu Soler

Since 2016, a research group of the Parc Taulí University Hospital has focused in applying 3D surgical planning to Orthopedic and Traumatology Surgery in order to improve complex orthopedic surgeries.The skills and the experience of the group has grown during these three years as well as the team’s composition and infrastructure.

The consolidation of the initiative became a reality last Thursday 11th of April, with the incorporation of a new 3D modeling software and the inauguration of the new laboratory. These has been possible thanks to the collaboration with the company MasterTec. Currently, the research team has its own laboratory in Santa Fe building in Parc Taulí, two 3D printers, a specialized software for clinical practice, as well the material to carry out the laboratory tasks.

To date, the research team is capable to perform surgical guides to increase the accuracy in the spine, knee, shoulder and hip prosthetic surgery, as well osteotomy plates, anatomical modeling of any types of organs and different healthcare products.

Edu Soler
Edu Soler

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