Parc Taulí participates in the Smart City Expo World Congress

Parc Taulí participates in the Smart City Expo World Congress 1024 559 Anna Ullastres

This week we were at Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) presenting the opportunities in public procurements for innovation at Parc Taulí. SCEWC is a referent international event for smart cities that brings together leader representatives from worldwide municipalities, institutions, research centers, companies, and entrepreneurs. This year, the SCEWC focused on five main topics: digital transformation, urban environment, mobility, governance and finance, and inclusive and sharing cities.

We participated in the Brokerage event, a matchmaking activity consisting on a series of 20-minute, pre-scheduled B2B meetings with the aim to find partners and create collaborations to develop projects. We had the opportunity to interact with many interesting companies and research institutions, mainly involved in IoT (Internet of Things), digital transformation, artificial intelligence, or big data management.

Feeding Care, one of the public procurements of Parc Taulí cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund, was one of the three projects presented in the workshop «International tenders of public procurement of innovation» that took place on November 20th afternoon, organised by ACCIÓ. Feeding Care closes soon the open market consultation and we expect to publish the tender by January 2020.

We hope to start soon new collaborations to foster innovative projects in our hospital.

Anna Ullastres
Anna Ullastres

I graduated in Biology and studied a Master in Cell Biology, specializing in cancer and citogenetics. Until 2017, I worked as a researcher and obtained a PhD in Genetics. After that, I enrolled a university postgrade program on Innovation and Project Management and started working as innovation project manager at the Innovation Unit of the Parc Taulí Foundation. I am currently completing the postgrade program and specializing in IP protection.

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