Anais Medical and Nephrocloud have been presented to GEMAV, the 1st Spanish Congress on Vascular Access

Anais Medical and Nephrocloud have been presented to GEMAV, the 1st Spanish Congress on Vascular Access 1024 683 Xavier Gallego

Two innovative projects from Parc Taulí Hospital (ANAIS medical, and Nephrocloud) have been presented to the 1st Spanish congress on vascular access (GEMAV) held in Barcelona on 14-16 November 2019. Dr. Jose Ibeas, senior consultant in nephrology, vicepresident of the GEMAV, and member of the organizing committee, is leading both projects in collaboration with the industry for their development and commercialization.

ANAIS medical, a project aimed to develop several access vascular simulators was born due to the need for medical residents to learn and improve their surgical skills in a safe practice environment. Dr. Ibeas together with Núria Monill and Sergi Coderch, two product designer engineers from Parc Taulí Hospital, have designed and developed several simulators in collaboration with Maquet-Barna S.L, a company specialized in prototyping. The simulators were presented and used in several workshops during the congress where the attendees had the opportunity to test them. The feedback from these professionals were very positive and some of companies are already showing interest on acquiring them.

Nephrocloud,  a multidisciplinary and multicenter software, developed in collaboration with Seys (Semiconductores y Sistemas S.A.),  to access and manage nimbly and ubiquitously all information related to vascular access in hemodialysis patients, was also presented at the GEMAV congress by BeHiT S.L. BeHiT is a distributor and manufacturer specialized in healthcare IT products that will be in charge of the commercialization of Nephrocloud. BeHit reported to Parc Taulí that during the congress Nephrocloud also showed interest among the attendees which are currently asking for more information.

Congratulations to the team!

Xavier Gallego
Xavier Gallego

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